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  • Plains zebra at Zimanga nocturnal hide

African night life – Zimanga style!

We’ve been in the hide barely 20 minutes when the white rhino arrives.  He’s a big male, patrolling his territory at the end of the day, confident and assured.  It’s a rare cloudy day, but under the darkening overcast sky...
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  • Nile crocodile

Crocs away! Hungry lions, hunting dogs, angry hippos – September trip report

After an action-packed morning photographing more than 80 vultures swooping in to feed in a big scrum at the brand new scavenger hide on Zimanga private game reserve, followed by a raft of beautiful water birds (plus their equally beautiful...
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  • Whitebacked vulture

Talon Contest at Zimanga’s New Carrion Diner

We remove our shoes as if entering a hallowed space. House (or should we say ‘hide’ rules). We take our seats in silence.  As our eyes adjust to the dark there’s a real sense of excitement.  Cameras and lenses are...
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  • Goliath heron

Shooting from specialist photographic hides

Wildlife hides designed specifically for photography are all the rage at the moment.  Inspired by the competitive and commercial success of Hungary’s ‘invisible photographer’, Bence Máté, whose cutting edge designs are still the gold standard for wildlife photo hides, numerous...
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  • Elephants at dusk

Ellies in the powder room, pups at the den: June safari report

The first of our Chobe-Zimanga specialist wildlife photography safaris took place between June 22 and July 2, 2016 and was a great success. From the moment we welcomed our six guests at Kasane airport in Botswana to our departure from...
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Floating photo palace sails into wildlife action

As soon as we stepped on the Chobe houseboat and saw the comfy lounge and dining area we thought it would be a great place to host a group of wildlife photographers. Coming back to a ‘base’ where we’d have...
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Fly fishing – Chobe’s majestic raptors are catch of the day

There’s surely no better place to watch and photograph one of Africa’s most emblematic raptors, and fittingly Botswana’s national bird, than on the Chobe river. More than 460 species of birds have been recorded on the Chobe from tiny kingfishers...
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  • Great egret, Zimanga

The Zimanga story … in the beginning

An African game reserve managed for the conservation of wild animals, but developed and focused around the requirements of wildlife photographers sounds too good to be true. An African game reserve focused around the requirements of wildlife photographers that not...
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  • African elephant at sunset, Chobe

Swimming trunks – elephants enjoy a dip on the Chobe

Elephants are one of our favourite subjects to photograph – for obvious reasons – and the Chobe river in northern Botswana is one of the best places in Africa to photograph them. Although elephants are under immense pressure in many...
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  • Cape buffalo crossing the Chobe

Buffalo soldiers driven from the mainland

Every wildlife sighting on an Africa photo safari is special, but every now and then you encounter something that’s a bit different, that you’ve never seen before, that stirs you up and that presents you with a new and fresh...
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