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  • Namaqua chameleon
Classic jewels and hidden gems. Grand-scale scenics and intimate, low-angle close-ups. Our newly-launched ‘Planet Namibia’ safari is about both extremes – and what lies between. Of course, it’s about photographing the sweeping and sinuous vistas of endless sand, and the...
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  • Too close for comfort: a lioness leads her cubs to safety
It’s not every-day you find yourself the filling in a lion/elephant sandwich, but that’s what our guests experienced on the Botswana leg of our final 2017 visit to the Chobe and Zimanga, just a few short weeks ago. We were...
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  • Spotted necked otter
If we asked you to list 10 things you might see on a photo safari to Africa’s game-rich Chobe river in Botswana, better still if we asked you to list 20 things, 50 things even, and then some, we bet...
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  • Young lions
‘How should I set up the autofocus on my camera?’  It’s one of the most common questions asked by our safari guests, a question we addressed recently in an article in Amateur Photographer magazine. If you missed that article, here’s...
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  • Hippo yawning
From lions to little bee-eaters, the diverse and abundant wildlife kept our trigger fingers exercised once again on the latest of our two destination African wildlife photo safaris to the Chobe river and Zimanga private game reserve last month. Whether...
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  • Elephants at Zimanga nocturnal hide
Bumping through the bush, off-road in the dark, on the lookout for lions was just one of the many thrilling highlights of our first ‘Uniquely Zimanga’ safari last month. With seven nights on the reserve, and exclusive use of the...
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